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Accodion services by Alessio MazzoneWhether you are planning a wedding, convention, birthday or an anniversary, you may want to consider the benefits of having a live musician perform to really mark the occasion as special. Perhaps an accordionist!

So, why an accordionist? Well, the accordion is an original and traditional instrument, and it is essentially a one-man band. In addition, the accordion is portable and cross-cultural. It's extremely versatile and covers a vast repertoire of music including jazz, tango, waltz, polka, samba, beguine or any other genre of music you can think of. (Hear our music samples below!)

At Madzone Productions, we proudly offer the services of our professional accordionist, Alessio Mazzone, whose performance will surely enhance any special occasion you have planned. Very highly recommended, Alessio recently placed 2nd in the Canadian Finals for the Roland V-Accordion contest!

If you would like more information for bookings and rates, please contact us. Alessio performs mainly throughout the Greater Toronto area and outskirts. For further locations, just contact us and we will gladly try to make arrangements.